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Hi, I'm Laura. Welcome to my little space on the interwebs.

If you are passionate about eating, growing, preserving, making and gathering around food then pull up a chair and have a read. I hope you find some things to interest you and that you feel inspired to leave a comment or head out and get growing, gathering and enjoying.

I've always loved food, every aspect of it, as most of my friends, family and even just random strangers I chat to at a party can attest to. I started out just cooking and enjoying food. Then I moved onto growing my own. Over time as I've gotten clearer on living by my values I've been changing the way I gather food. I'm not perfect of course (who's got time for that??) but I try to make choices around the food I grow, gather, and enjoy that align with my values.

More recently I've been thinking about food and connection. My personal connection to food of course but also how we all connect with food. I've been thinking that maybe if we all connected to our food a little more it might lead to choices that sustain us a little better and maybe even sustain our planet a little better.

I also love how food connects people to other people, places and even time. I've noticed in my own life that as I've deepened my connection to food it has led to a stronger connection to community. It's also connected me to the seasons and changed the rhythms of how I live - which links back to my values. A cycle not a linear journey, and one that is ever changing.

Anyway, this is me and where I'm at in my head. More physically speaking I've just recently moved back to our nation's capital (that's Canberra, Australia for anyone overseas) after eight years in Adelaide. I'm getting my head around the differences that makes in the food supply and growing my own. Among all this I'm raising two beautiful girls and trying to instill in them a strong connection to food, community and the natural world around us.

So again, welcome. I hope you find some inspiration among my musings and that you feel connected enough to comment or share what you enjoy. If you are a little shy and don't want to comment on the blog or have a lot to say and it just wont fit in that tiny box then please drop me a line at:


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