A week in my kitchen: early spring

30 October 2018
A couple of months ago I shared what went on over a week in my kitchen (). I thought I might continue it seasonally to show how things shift and to share a snapshot into our eating here.

Smoked trout and spring veg pasta.


This was a big bake up day for me. In an effort to maximise the oven energy use I generally get a little crazy once the oven is turned on!!

Baking/making: everyday sourdough loaf, 2 sourdough fruit loaves, sourdough bagels, two pizzas, croutons, roasted up pumpkin for mid week meal and (adapted to include peanut butter and choc chips - so probably not really muesli balls anymore!).

Lunch: Bagels with bacon, mayonnaise and lettuce (the first harvested from the garden)

Dinner: slow cooked lamb inspired by a


Picked up fruit, veg and supplies for the week. I actually did my meal planning Sunday as I'd planned to go the markets but that turned into afternoon drinks with friends instead ;)

Lunch: leftover stew.

Dinner: Smoked trout, broad bean, asparagus and chard pasta in a creamy lemon sauce.


Baking/making: vanilla ice-cream to have with my daily iced coffee and some chocolate ice cream pops for the girls.

Lunch: chard & hummus on toast

Dinner: Roast pumpkin, avocado, crouton & lentil salad with a hummus and mayonnaise dressing.

Tuesday night dinner.


Baking/Making: pre-cooked beans for Thursday night dinner. Testing out my SIL's thermal cooker to see if we might get one for our travels. Accidentally made enough beans to feed a small army...or at least a month's worth of bean dinners once a week!!

Lunch: sharing platter with the girls of vegies, crackers, hummus, cheese and other bits.

Dinner: Beef Stroganoff (from the freezer) with pasta.


Fed my sourdough starter tonight to mix dough in the morning and bake in the evening.

Lunch: leftovers.

Dinner: Mexican beans with rice, and chilli


Baking/Making: everyday sourdough with a some rye flour added in, 2 loaves fruit bread, bagels, pizza (see dinner) and . And while the oven was on - a batch of marmalade based muesli balls and classic chocolate slice ( without the icing).

Lunch: Nachos - fully loaded. I like to add a heap of extra things on top of my nachos - this instance was leftover beans, coriander, avocado, salsa and . Also, because I'm a fan of the crunchy chip over the soggy chip I melt my cheese directly onto the chips to form a protective layer and then add the toppings - game changer!

Dinner: Pizza - tomato sauce/prosciutto/cheese and kale/preserved lemon/cheese



Lunch: Sausage sizzle at my niece's 3rd birthday party

Dinner: Roast pork belly, hasselback potatoes, asparagus and broccolini, served with spiced rhubarb paste on the side. I forgot to take a pic of the amazing looking pork belly! I had a friend over for dinner so went all out....plus a few glasses of chardonnay.

And that was a busy spring week in our kitchen. A few lighter meals coming in as I was chatting . I'm also currently trying to use up the freezer stockpile and all the other random bits and pieces before we move out of our rental in a few weeks.

What's happening in your kitchen this week?


  1. mmm good food! I didn't cook much this week yet.
    This morning I took out lamb stew, and lentils from the freezer. And I have some leftovers - brown rice, zucchini, and chicken curry. Oh, several soft boiled eggs too. :)

    1. yummo, soft boiled eggs are always good Nil :)

  2. My goodness, all of that sounds amazing.

    And melting the cheese on the chip first?! Revolountionary!

    I have a stack of lentils gifted to me I need to use. I keep putting it off as I have convinced myself the kids wont like them...Which is silly. They most likely will, they are not that fussy.


    1. Oh yes Emma - the cheese on first changes nachos forever!

      My kiddos love dahl and rice (and by love i mean sometimes they eat 2 bowls worth and other times wont touch it!!). Plus I love chucking them into any stew or dish with a sauce and if cooked long enough they almost disappear.

  3. this is great. would love to see your post on the In My Kitchen linky from Nov 1! cheers sherry

    1. Thanks sherry - I will pop over and check if the link is still open and add this to it.

  4. Maybe I'm just a snoop, Laura, but I love these posts! Seeing what another family is eating for a week is fascinating! I'll try and share a week in my kitchen at some stage too.
    Cheers, Sally at One Family, One Planet blog

    1. If you're a snoop then I'm definitely one too Sally as I love these type of posts on other people's blogs too!! I'd love to read your installment too.

  5. I like the look of that pumpkin and lentil salad. Delicious! Lovely fresh food for your family. Meg:)

    1. It was a bit of a random mix up Meg but it worked. I got in the habit a couple of summers ago of keeping cooked lentils and various roast veg and meat on hand to chuck together a quick salad on those 'no cook' type nights and it's been such a handy thing to do. Easy to mix it up with different combos, herbs and dressings and no-one notices we are eating the same thing...or if they've noticed they failed to mention it!


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