Here & Now: September 2018

11 September 2018
This week has marked the arrival of true spring weather in Canberra. We haven't had the heater on for a few days in the morning, no frosts and no biting icy wind. I'm sure there will be a regression at some point, but I'm calling it: spring is here!

Spring brings with it such a feeling of pent up energy for me. I think all the things I've thought about and reflected on over the quiet slow of winter are ready to break forth. It sounds a bit trite really but I've really noticed as I take time to cue into the seasons and how I respond I do feel a little like a spring bulb ready to pop out of the ground.

A bush full of spring colour.

I find that appreciating the seasons and not trying to work against the way I feel is really important. If I was looking for that spring energy through winter I'd be sadly disappointed - and sometimes I must admit I am. I want to take action on things right now, but as I've gotten older (and dare I say a little wiser in myself) I realise it's better to wait. Which isn't to say I don't get things done in winter but it's a different pace.

So, now that the weather has shifted I'm feeling that spring energy take hold and a change is coming to the rhythm of my days.

Loving // I hate to state the obvious but I'm loving the change in weather. Also, the promise of spring and all that the new season brings.

Eating // Already there is a shift here. Lately a lot of sauteed chard on toast with either hommus or eggs for lunch in place of my soup or leftover slow cooked something.

The usual bake-up plus 3 jars of apple scrap vinegar on the go.

Drinking // Still tea - but only my one pot in the morning now plus a cup of herbal at night. This reminds me, it's probably time to revive the kombucha.

Feeling // energised - by the weather and some big plans we are making in our family.

Making // Just the usual stockpile of breads and snacks to keep the hungry hordes fed around here. Also currently have a batch of on the bench using up all the collected apple bits from the winter - they really got away on me in the freezer so this is a BIG batch.

An early spring hike on the weekend up a steep hill (sans-kids). Still so dry.

Thinking // I never stop thinking! Spring garden plans, adventures to be had and ideas for my business/work life side of things.

Dreaming // Of summer veg harvests, warm days that bring people together and BIG travel plans.

What's happening around your place? 
Is it the promise of spring or the slowing down of autumn?

If you feel like sharing join in with - or at the very least head over and ogle her beautiful pictures and amazing knitting.

Spring flowers surprising and delighting.


  1. I have a new burst of energy too, with the Spring warmth and change of the seasons! I am even attracted to different colours in Summer than I am in Winter :-) I agree with you, it's good to just settle into the season you are in, isn't? Megan

    1. Interesting Megan - i've never noticed that about colours for me - I'm going to pay attention now to see if there is a difference.
      So good to just settle into the season.

  2. Spring here, and while my garden is languishing without rain, I still have renewal on my mind. I've got projects galore, to get stuck into. :)

    1. I hope you get some rain Chris - I fear it's going to be a hot dry summer all round though. Look forward to seeing what you produce in the projects department.

  3. Isn't it lovely to have the season change? I think it's normal to feel different, energy wise, in different seasons, and it's nice to be able to go with it if you're able. I'm loving spending more time outside this last week.
    It sounds like you've got some exciting plans brewing away! x

    1. It is so normal Sarah, but I feel like it's something I had to learn. It probably has shifted a lot in our more 'mainstream' culture away from seasonal appreciation - so I suppose that's why it came to me more as I shifted into slow living. I definitely didn't notice it in my 20s - I remember getting annoyed at how things slowed down in the colder how things have changed!


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